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“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain”

We have been living life on the road since November, 2018! We traded in a life of comfort and existence for a life of adventure and experiences. Living full-time in our 25ft RV, we are traveling across the country seeking out the best hikes, beers, and conversations. With only 150 square feet of living space, we transitioned from cluttered apartments to a minimalist lifestyle.

We found that so many others our age were talking about life like it was some kind of grocery list: get a degree, get a career, buy a house, have kids, retire, die. They never took a step back and thought about if they were doing what truly makes them happy. We rewrote our grocery list and decided to live more intentionally.

When Nash lost his dad to pancreatic cancer, we knew we had to go on this adventure. His dad’s loss was eye opening: we have to live now while we can, and not keeping putting it off until “the right time”. Don’t wait until retirement, the next big promotion, or next year…the right time is now! Get out there and start living!

All smiles in Joshua tree National park

All smiles in Joshua tree National park

All smiles at NIAGARA falls

All smiles at NIAGARA falls

Meet Nash

“Live life outside your comfort zone” - this quote is suiting for Nash: a worry wart at heart. It is the thrill of living outside of his comfort zone that he thrives off of.

The host of the boozy Brewery Talks podcast, Nash seeks bonds and story-telling with all who are willing to share their time. From hiking Half Dome to slugging whiskey with ranchers in the middle-of-nowhere New Mexico, Nash is always looking to expand his experiences and learn something new.

Originally from New Jersey, he has spent the past several years neck deep in the craft beer revolution of New England. With two engineering degrees and an eclectic background, Nash considers himself a renaissance man: a man of many interests and skills.

Most likely to be found: on a hike talking about how much he loves beer or having a beer talking about the hike he just went on.

Meet Smeesh

The founder and lead Health Coach of SunnySide Up Living, she uses her background in athletic training and the health industry to pursue her goals of always helping others better themselves.

Spending countless hours on outdoor adventure courses and on the trail, she is always seeking the outdoor lifestyle that contrasts with her city upbringing on Long Island (where she first learned to climb on telephone poles instead of a rock gym).

The entire SunnySide Up theme of thinking positively stems from Smeesh’s outlook on life, believing there is a positive side to every situation.

Most likely to be found: dancing around the RV or having a deep conversation around a campfire.

Side note: Smeesh is nickname for Michelle. The story behind the name Smeesh is ridiculous, but it stuck!