Best Places to Get a Beer in Moab

Enjoying uinta Brewing Company’s hop Nosh in Arches national park.

Enjoying uinta Brewing Company’s hop Nosh in Arches national park.

Beer in Utah? YES. Despite what you may have heard, there is indeed great beer in Utah. However, their beer scene is plagued with a handful of very interesting laws and almost all of the breweries are in Northern Utah. This fact leaves southern Utah and your time spent visiting the National Parks very limited on brewery visits. We recently spent some time visiting the city of Moab in search of a good beer. With very limited info online, I wanted to write this article to help you get a delicious pint in your hand ASAP.

Moab Brewery

Located right on the main street of Moab it is the only brewery within ~200 miles, which makes it a much see. With a handful of different beers, any beer lover can find a beer they enjoy. Having a full kitchen as well, this is a good spot to grab a burger and a beer after a day of hiking.

They also have “full-strength” beer and liquor to-go which also makes this brewery a good opportunity to grab some cans to bring home.

Woody’s Tavern

By far, my favorite place in Moab to grab a beer. A “dive-bar” that has been around for decades. The sticker-covered wall is lined with a graffiti-marked bar top and stools that set the boozy atmosphere of Woody’s. With a great selection of Utah beer from the Northern part of the state, Woody’s is a great spot to get a cheap pint.

On quiet off-season days or times you can find a good conversation with locals. And at night you can enjoy one of their many events, such as open-mics and local bands.

Club Rio

Do not let the name fool you, this is not the kind of “club” you are used to. This sports bar/dive bar located just off the main strip provides a TV-lined bar for mostly locals and some travelers. With a younger crowd, this bar provides sluggable beers like Coors Light but also a handful of Utah craft beers. At less than $5 a beer, it was a great opportunity to try beers such as Wasatch Brewery’s Polygamy Porter (yup, you read that correctly).

While Moab has many other restaurants that have beer, you should note that they are categorized as a “restaurant”, which in Utah means you can only have a beer if you have food (weird, right?).

I hope this article led you to a good beer or two. If you like beer, checkout my podcast Brewery Talks. If you like traveling, follow us @SunnySideUpTraveling! Cheers!!