The Best App for Camping and Boondocking

The morning views we had from a campsite we found on Campendium! Sedona, AZ.

The morning views we had from a campsite we found on Campendium! Sedona, AZ.

Living on the road fulltime requires a lot of planning and the lack there of. Most days we wake up and do not have a clue of where we will be spending that night. That being said, it has been important to us to have a reliable camping app. After trying many different apps, we have found the best one to use while living on the road: Campendium. .

We have used this free app every day we have lived on the road. Here are the reasons why we love this app:

App Interface

The easy-to-navigate map within the app allows you to use your current location (or search a specific location) to find nearby locations. The app not only highlights RV parks and campgrounds, but also nearby public land, free camping spots, overnight parking locations, and dump stations. You can also save locations to your “favorites” for future use. Only looking for one of these specific locations? There are plenty of filtering options that allow you filter by location type, cost, amenities, etc.

A key feature of this map in the app is that it is not buggy. So many other apps we have used were prone to freeze, glitch, etc. while scrolling the map. This map is glitch-free which allows for easy scrolling to locations all over the country.

Details That Matter

When viewing a location on the app, it includes a list of relevant info. The info that this app includes with each location is exactly what you need. It will include price, rating, reviews, amenities, photos, facilities, and our favorite: cell coverage by provider. In an easy to use layout, these details are just enough for you to make a decision on where to sleep.

There is also a section where it describes which size rigs are OK for a location; which we have found is especially important when camping on free land that has a rough dirt road leading up to it.

Boondocking in Moab, Utah on some BLM land that we found using Campendium.

Boondocking in Moab, Utah on some BLM land that we found using Campendium.

Trustworthy Reviews

At the end of the day, it is the community of users that are providing the info for each campsite and location. We have found that there are enough people using this app that many locations have multiple reviews. More importantly, the reviews are trustworthy. The people using this app give honest reviews and provide the exact info you need. We have stayed at some of the best places across the country thanks to reviews in this app, and contrarily we have avoided areas where people have said “don’t stay here, we were broken into.”

Though we have never met any of the people on this app, we feel that we have found a supportive community that aides us everyday in where to camp; which is priceless.

While there are many camping apps on the app store nowadays, many lack details and support that Campendium provides. If there was one necessary app for living on the road or just simply finding a spot to camp for the weekend, it is Campendium.

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