Why Whole Foods Is a Great Place to Get Beer

Variety of beers I grabbed at the Whole Foods in Phoenix!

Variety of beers I grabbed at the Whole Foods in Phoenix!

Whether Whole Foods is your cup of tea or not, it should known that they have one of the best beer selections out of all country-wide grocery stores. While some stores have huge beer sections that span 3-4 huge aisles, and others have just one aisle, they have beer selections that can appeal to all beer drinkers. Whenever we come across a Whole Foods on our travels, I make an effort to stop in to check out their beer aisle, and here is why:

The Selection

Your first thought for a country-wide grocery chain is probably that they do not have local beers: wrong! Not only have I found that Whole Foods has hyper-local beers from breweries in that city, but also “local” beers from neighboring cities or states. Alongside these you can find other craft beers from across the country. Some of the larger stores even have aisles designated just for beers from specific areas, such as west coast, east coast, etc. They also have employees designated to the beer sections, which from my experience is someone who is passionate about beer hand selecting the beers they have on the shelves!

Individual Cans

Another amazing perk that Whole Foods offers in their beer aisle is beers for individual sale. This means you can just buy one can/bottle of a beer, instead of having to buy an entire 6-pack of it. This allows you to not only try a whole bunch of local beers but also many different styles. This is one of my favorite ways to try beers while traveling, as I explained here.

While not all Whole Foods stores advertise this, I have found that by simply asking they are more than willing to oblige!


Whole Foods are usually easy to find. Most cities have at least a couple of locations that are typically in areas you will already be in, so why not stop-in to check out their beer?

Whether you are going in for craft beer or macro brews, Whole Foods has the beer for you. A hidden gem in the beer community, these grocery stores provide a great selection of craft beers from all over the country as a reasonable price. I recommend stopping by your local store today! Cheers!

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