Why Trader Joe's Is a Great Place to Get Beer

Without a doubt, Trader Joe’s has a pretty amazing selection of food, drinks, and you guessed it: beer. Whether you usually shop at Trader Joe’s or not, you need to start going to check out their beer aisle. This hidden gem is a great place to find local and non-local beers at a great price all over the country. I make an effort to stop at a Trader Joe’s to grab beer whenever I get to a new city, and here is why:

The Selection

Your first thought for a country-wide grocery chain is probably that they do not have local beers: wrong! Not only have I found that Trader Joe’s has hyper-local beers from breweries in that city, but also “local” beers from neighboring cities or states. It is a great starting point for trying local beers when visiting a city. Aside from this, they have their own eclectic mix of beers that they brew as well as many macro-brewed beers. It is a one-stop shop!

Both beers, which are good beers, cost less than $2. Can’t complain about that!

Both beers, which are good beers, cost less than $2. Can’t complain about that!

Individual Cans

Another amazing perk that Trader Joe’s offers in their beer aisle is beers for individual sale. This means you can just buy one can/bottle of a beer, instead of having to buy an entire 6-pack of it. This allows you to not only try a whole bunch of local beers but also many different styles. This is one of my favorite ways to try beers while traveling, as I explained here.

Their Brewery/Beers

Truly, a hidden gem is the beers that they brew themselves or with partnered breweries. Brewed on multiple aliases, such as Simpler Times or JosephsBrau, they brew beers ranging from sluggable lagers and Mexican ales to crafty IPAs and porters. While these beers are not the best brewed beers in the world, they are still good beers at an amazing price; which brings us to the next point: the price.

The Price

It is at-times hard to believe how cheap the beer is. Some of the best deals I have found for local beers, specifically on individual can sales, has been at Trader Joe’s. And aside from the local beers, you can get their brewed beers at an unbelievable price…seriously. For example, a 6-pack of their Simpler Times Lager or Pilsner goes for less than $5…that is literally cheaper than Bud Light; and the beer is good! A 12 pack? Less than $7!

Whether you are looking for cheap beers to slug for an all-day drinking session, or local beers to try while camping, Trader Joe’s has them! A hidden gem in the beer world, Trader Joe’s provides beer for beer-lovers of all types.

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