Cheap Items to Make RV Boondocking Easier

Boondocking in an RV is a great experience that makes you appreciate how self-sustaining an RV really is. That being said, here are some of the items we use to make our boondocking experience more enjoyable!

Boondocking on free BLM land in Moab, Utah.

Boondocking on free BLM land in Moab, Utah.

Tubs for Sinks

We found that our critical path, or one big factor that limited how long we could boondock, was how quickly we filled up our grey water tank. We realized that simple tasks such as doing the dishes or brushing our teeth used up a lot more water than we thought. In order to limit how much of this water was going into our grey tank, we purchased small tubs for our sinks to catch said water. Using the tubs allows us to chose how we dispose of the water, compared to having to dump our entire grey tank. The specific tubs we use are collapsible, so they take up very little space when not being used!

Check out ours here:

Portable Battery Packs

Another critical item while boondocking is your 12V coach battery. Besides powering all of your luxuries, such as charging phones, speakers, lights, the 12V coach battery is needed for critical items such as your fridge, carbon monoxide detector, etc. That being said we try to limit how much we use these coach batteries on luxuries. Whether it is powering LED lights, charging for phone, watch, or other items we always use our portable battery packs.

We have multiple battery packs that we chose specifically for boondocking because not only can we charge them while driving, but we can also charge them with solar. These long lasting battery packs also allow us to charge multiple items at a time.

Check out ours here:

Battery Powered LED Lights

Again, trying to limit how much we use our 12V coach batteries, we have a setup of battery powered LED lights throughout our RV. These work so well they are essentially the only lights we use when we are boondocking. We use two types: LED string lights that are powered by our battery packs (above) and AAA powered LED “pucks”. We have these mounted throughout our vehicle with command strip hooks and magnets. Check out ours at the links below!

LED String Lights:

LED “Pucks”:

Hooks to Hang Lights:

12V Inverter

Since you’ll only have your 12V batteries when boondocking (except when running the generator!) you may have some electrical items that are not 12V but you still need to use! We use an 12V inverter for these items. This thing is compact and you can even use it while you are driving!

Check out ours here:

We hope these items help you on your next boondocking trip. Checkout our gear page for more items we use and follow us @SunnySideUpTraveling for more RV and travel posts!

Note: all gear reviews are of personal opinion and the reader should consult user manuals before using.