Why You Should Visit Alamosa, Colorado

A hidden gem in Southern Colorado, Alamosa is a town that will always have a special place in our hearts. Not even knowing the town existed prior to our visit, we were blown away by the culture, community, and activities it has to offer. We wanted to write this article so others would be sure to stop by this town whenever they are in the area.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Picture this: huge sand dunes with snow-capped mountains in the background. What’s not to enjoy? Only half hour from Alamosa, the park offers some great hiking around the dunes, including summitting the highest dune in North America! Even better: go to Kristi Mountain Sports in downtown Alamosa and rent a sled or sandboard to shred down the dunes! If you are visiting during the summer months enjoy a day of playing in the sand and water with the family.

Sandboarding in Great Sand Dunes National Park

Sandboarding in Great Sand Dunes National Park

The Beer and Food

The backbone to any great town, Alamosa does not disappoint! Home to three breweries: San Luis Valley Brewing Company, Colorado Farm Brewery, and SquarePeg Breworks. Colorado Farm Brewery offers some delicious suds, including batches of beer that are made 100% with ingredients made on their own farm. San Luis Valley Brewing Company offers an eclectic mix of beers that appeal to any drinker’s tastes.

From local pizza shops to quaint coffee shops, the town has plenty of local stores to enjoy instead of the larger food chains. Many of these shops include green chili with their offerings! Never heard of green chili? It is a staple to this area of the country. They put it in beer, on burgers, soup, etc. IT IS AMAZING.

Our favorite meal: grab a green chili burger and a beer at San Luis Valley Brewing Company (located right on Main Street).

We were actually able to sit down with San Luis Valley Brewing Company to hear their story and learn about the area. Check out the interview here.

Enjoying a green chili lager at San Luis Valley Brewing Company

Enjoying a green chili lager at San Luis Valley Brewing Company

The People

To be honest, one of the most memorable experiences in Alamosa was the kindness of the people. Whether is was talking with others on the trails, or simply chatting with a clerk at a board shop, the locals were always willing to share their time. We found ourselves having long conversations about not only the area, but also their story and how they ended up in this high mountain desert town.

The main street through town is lined with local businesses that provide the backbone of the supportive-community vibe to the city; including small book stores and art shops. Take some time and pop into the stores that line main street and appreciate what they all have to offer!

The History

Between the railroad, the Native American history, and the Mexican-American War this town has a history like no where else. Trying to sum-up the extensive history of this town in this article would not do it justice. Simply put: the history of this area has shaped the culture and traditions of this town which you can feel from the second you arrive in town.

With plenty to offer for you and your family, the only real question is: why are you not there yet?! Hope we helped plan your trip! Follow our journey @SunnySideUpTraveling