Your Quick Guide to Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The beautiful Brandywine Falls!

The beautiful Brandywine Falls!

A unique National Park, Cuyahoga Valley is not known for its insane rock arches or slot canyons, instead it offers a simple yet beautiful wooded area in the heart of Ohio. Home to some great hikes, train rides, and the famous Towpath. No matter what you are planning to do in the park, we recommend starting at the visitor center!

The Visitor Center

Aside from any article you read, the visitor center can provide you with the latest information on the park which is why we recommend starting there. Note the photo the visitor center below. Unlike many other National Park visitor centers, this building essentially blends in with the others surrounding it causing confusion for first-time visitors. Luckily for you, you found this article so you will be able to easily identity where to go!

This Boston Store Visitor Center also provides plenty of parking for all visitors, including an RV and overflow lot just a couple hundred feet down the road. Depending on what you plan to do for the day, you can easily leave your car in this lot the entire day. The visitor center also includes basic amenities such as a water spigot, bathrooms, souvenirs, etc.

The Boston Store Visitor Center

The Boston Store Visitor Center

The Towpath

The main artery to this National Park is its Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, which is essentially a bike path that runs almost the entire length of the park. This trail is ideal for bicyclists, runners, or those who simply want to take a stroll with their family. We highly suggest renting a bike at one of the local shops and riding along the trail, being sure to stop at any of the views along the way. For bike rentals we recommend Century Cycles, which offers a variety of bike styles and sizes, including a child or pet trailer for your bike!

The best biking experience? Riding your bike one way down the Towpath and then taking the train back to where you started! Be sure to grab the latest train schedule from the visitor center or bike rental shop so you can plan accordingly!

Trail markers on the towpath provide directions to all amenities.

Trail markers on the towpath provide directions to all amenities.

Hike to Brandywine Falls

The most popular hike in the park is to the famous Brandywine Falls. While many visitors simply park and walk the short .25 miles to the falls, we recommend taking the longer route to get there. Starting at the visitor center, you can take the Towpath to Stanford Trail, which connects you to the Brandywine Gorge Trail. This relatively short hike allows you to appreciate the nature that this park has to offer.

Post-hike reward: Grab some ice cream from general store across from the visitor center!


Enjoy the Season

Whether it is a cold winter day or a humid summer morning, you can find something to do in the park. From a golf course to skiing, any kind of person can find something to do. Don’t feel like biking around? Take a ride on the train to explore the different areas of the park. Want to hit-the-links while the family goes for a hike? Check out the golf course.

Overall, the location and beauty of Cuyahoga Valley National Park makes it a must-see for anyone in the area or passing through.

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